Money wisely. Wife or husband

September 21, 2017 7:46am CST
Who are wise incomes of budgeting the wife or the husband. I admit I'm not in good in budgeting for my family needs. When I'm hold the money from the salary of my husband I make the list household priority specially the food. When I go the supermarket and I see and I attract the stuff not listing in my budget I'm tempted to buy it. So I think my husband decide to hold it him salary and he buy our needs. I'm noticed he good than me incomes of budgeting. How about you.. Which of you are great incomes of budgeting, your wife or your husband?
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• United Kingdom
21 Sep 17
I have no husband. There's only me. I have to do everything - budget, housework, gardening, etc...
22 Sep 17
Good for you. When u already got married u know how to manage your money. Thank to liking my discussion..