BitConnect Month-End Recap September 2017

Coin-Market Cap BCC Value 28th of September
September 29, 2017 9:48am CST
Month-End Report (September) BitConnect Coin versus BTC Despite of BitCoin’s Submerged value @ $3,800 for two weeks, all other coins from the Top 20 had its red day for most of the times. For BCC – BitConnect Coin it ranged from $130 (@Sept 2nd week) down to $108 (3rd week) now before Sept ends steady with $118. Now we will have a glimpse of what this coin can project as what Bitcoin will behave in the future. Still at the Top 13, with only $807 Million Dollar worth of lifetime coin supply compared to BTC $64B and ETH $27B, BitConnect’s value might become rare in the near 10-20 Years from now. When a coin becomes rare and it is being used for such a particular transaction when the world has finally going to shut all other coins to be added then its price can go ballooning to hundreds of thousands of Dollars. A lot of people had already got a few units of BTC, ETH and other least value coins. Have you already got a few units of some other alt-coins? We should already have a few units of BCC (BitConnect Coin) and BitCoin Cash (BCH) – The by-product of BTC from the latest Hard-Fork (Coin-Split) Year 2017 (2nd Quarter) has opened up 20% of the worlds population in this kind of Online and offline activity. Year 2016 only has 5% of the world doing Bitcoins, Ether, Lite, Doge and Dash and some ICO’s. Where will you see yourself next year? I will encourage everyone who reads this to join crypto-currency today and be earning before Christmas 2017. WAYS ON HOW TO EARN: *1. Lending: you earn daily profit* *2. Staking: earn profit for holding Bitconnect coin* *3. Mining: earn with Bitconnect coin mining* *4. Trading: earn profit with Bitconnect trading* > Referral Bonuses up to 10 Levels Pairing Bonus Price Increase monthly BCC versus BTC or USD The photo attached here with is the current price range last 28th of September. Here in crypto-currency it is UN-necessary to set the coin's average but the real actual value itself! You only do that for reference!
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• Pakistan
30 Sep 17
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