Blade Runner 2049 - finally a sequel that does justice to the original!

Blade Runner 2049
October 7, 2017 4:04pm CST
In this time of studios making unnecessary sequels and reboots to milk an old beloved franchise, it's refreshing to see a sequel that builds upon the predecessor and tries to take new directions rather than just feed on our nostalgia. Instead of just being a rehash of the original Blade Runner, this movie implemented original ideas along with the familiar themes. It not only boasts of incredible visuals but also has meaty themes and stories. This is not a perfect movie, I felt that it had its share of flaws. But the director must be appreciated for his brave attempt. How did you guys find this movie?
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• Preston, England
7 Oct 17
I loved it - guess you already saw my own review of this - yours is spot on @Shine10Mathew
• India
8 Oct 17
Your review was very detailed and very well thought out. I really loved your review of the movie and it reflected many of my own thoughts about it.
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• Preston, England
8 Oct 17
@Shine10Mathew cheers, much appreciated
@lady1993 (27225)
• Philippines
28 Oct 17
I was quite excited to see this, but never had the time what do you think should i watch first, the original one or this one? I hear this is a sequel and even has some of the original characters