Is Lost ever going to end? Do even the writers know where the sotroy's going!?

September 9, 2006 10:54am CST
Is the drip feed of clues about what's really happening too slow? Will you lose interest over the next season?
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• India
13 Dec 06
i dont think loves ever end
• United States
28 Sep 06
Obviously, the writer's know where the story's going. Someone had to go through a lot of detailed prep work in order to come up with such a complex show and make it fly on television. I have to admit that I didn't watch last night, it was just a recap and I know that ABC will have it where I can watch at my convenience on the net. I am planning to buy the seasons on DVD and watch start to finish though. I like it. It has something television hasn't had in a while - mystery.
25 Sep 06
I think there's a loose direction, it's just that we're all in the dark! It must be great to be a writer for lost, you have no limits!