Oh Kevin Spacey.

Dundee, Scotland
November 8, 2017 5:23pm CST
Oh dear. Must admit that I was a bit shocked at all this stuff about Kevin Spacey. But I felt quite uneasy watching a guy telling tales on the BBC News tonight and Heather Unruh proclaiming the straightness of her son insisting Spacey had got him drunk. The guy was an adult. Drink didn't cause him to end up with Spacey,s hand on his co... Spoiled little brat just too scared to admit his gayness or perhaps bi-sexuality probably thought he could get a career lift from interacting with our Kevin. Just a thought, might be totally wrong. And now mom is on a crusade. Obviously sick at the thought her " little " boy plays with older men. Wonder what else will come out of the woodwork now and how much will be alternative facts. Spacey has no doubt abused his position but with all the publicity there has been how the hell can he get a fair trial in a court of law now the whole world is aware of his Alleged crimes Anyway. All this stuff should have stayed out of the public domain until after any legal proceedings. The incident with the son of Unruh happened in July 2016. Why was it not reported right there and then? I know that there is more stuff about Spacey on the go. But Unruh said she wants Spacey jailed which suggests he will be charged with something. This just shouldn't be public at this stage. But the scrutiny her son who I believe is called William Little, will be under will be interesting. Hope you,ve never kissed a guy before Willie. Actually I hope you have and it comes back to bite you in the butt.
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@paigea (35623)
• Canada
9 Nov 17
Her son is an adult now, but what about at the time of the incident?
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• Dundee, Scotland
9 Nov 17
Hiya. He was 18 according to his mother. An adult.
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@maezee (41997)
• United States
8 Nov 17
I am confused I hadnt heard any news with Spacey. What exactly happened?
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@youless (112100)
• Guangzhou, China
9 Nov 17
I thought Kevin Spacey was a good actor. I am very disappointed to see his negative news again and again lately. I don't know that he has so many negative issues in the past. The TV series House of Cards will be ended due to Kevin Spacey's bad news.
@lady1993 (27225)
• Philippines
9 Nov 17
I am quite shocked when Kevin Spacey told the world he was gay.. now news of his many abuses are spreading. i don't read any of them though. I just hope justice is served and the truth will come out