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My Kiehin
@cmw4562 (239)
United States
January 1, 2018 1:56pm CST
The night of October 9, 2017, Kiehin cried for some time. He thought that we had left his sister, Nikki, outside. We decided from that point, that anytime during the night he could get on the bed for comfort. He sleeps with us every night now. He has since lost his hearing so we are even more protective and watchful over him. A few people have mentioned to us that we should get another dog so he is not feeling lonely. That is rather painful to me and I would feel as though I was replacing Nikki, and I am not ready for another dog. I want Kiehin to live out the rest of his life as long as he is supposed to, or until Nikki decides that she needs him more. Every day, several times a day, when he goes out to do his business, he always goes looking for his sister, Nikki. He still smells her out there. I am a firm believer that our loved ones are always with us. We have a woodstove that we are not currently using, so I have placed Nikki's cremains, paw print, and hair bows with her fur. On Christmas Day 2017, my daughter was sitting in the chair next to the woodstove; Kiehin was sitting in front of her and I was in back of the chair watching them. All of a sudden Kiehin looked at the woodstove and then looked back at us. He did this several times. Then he went over to the woodstove; looked up at it and was smelling the air. I told my daughter that Nikki came to visit Kiehin and she was in complete agreement. This was the most beautiful gift I could have received. Perhaps you have experienced such a moment?
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@Hannihar (128460)
• Israel
9 Jan 18
That must have been hard for all of you to lose Nikki. How is the dog doing now?