what do you know about satanists?

@bodomgirl (1618)
November 27, 2006 3:31pm CST
There are many Satanists today that do believe that there is a god who goes by the name of Satan. However, there are also people who do not believe that Satan is a god, rather the function of God is performed and satisfied by the Satanist him/herself. That is, the needs of worship, ritual, and religious/spiritual focus are directed, effectively, inwards towards the Satanist, as opposed to outwards, towards God. LaVey proposes instead that as all gods are creations of man, worship of an external deity is worship of its creator by proxy. He suggests, then, that the rational Satanist should instead internalize his god, and therefore worship himself; hence the Satanic maxim, "I am my own god." It follows that Satanism shuns the idea of belief in all other deities as well, including, to the surprise of many, Satan. Satan is viewed as a literary archetype, along the lines of John Milton's epic hero. This archetype is viewed not as a negative figure, but as a positive image of pride and mastery in opposition to servitude, faith, and humility. Belief in any such externalized deities is generally considered grounds for excluding someone as a Satanist, and devil worship in particular is considered nothing more than a misguided inversion of Christianity.
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@AdalieM (1134)
• United States
6 Aug 11
Not enough, just the basics. They don't believe in god or Satan. They don't worship the devil, they don't kill animals. Satanism is a philosophy but to some is a religion. It's more about exploring yourself and finding satisfaction. There are no sins in the Church of Satan.
@cigano (1277)
• Nigeria
28 Nov 06
Nothing! That's something that doesn' interest me!!! PS- every post in my discussions is rated!
@arunpatal (627)
• Germany
28 Nov 06
I dont no much, but you come off like you are one. i am sorry if you are, what do you get out of it, praying to the devil, saying that there is one, that there is a god too.