What on earth is this "talent"??

November 28, 2006 12:13am CST
Many a time, have we been sucked into one of the most vicious designs of the Satan, in us. Every once in while, when we go totally green over some commendable achievement of people around us, we tend to be barked at, by this diabolic character crying from within us-"How talented are YOU…??" ,or still worse , "ARE YOU talented at all??". On this, is what ,I wish to rant now…!" Well, what exactly is this element called "talent"? Is it tangible, weighable, and whom would one call a talented person?? Well, the Oxford dictionary, for some weird reason, defines "talent" as " high mental ability"…but I prefer to differ from the worthy lexicographers in this regard. Its defintion, very much depends on your perspective! I'd define it simply as your unique abilty regardless of whether 'people' consider it significant. The ability , I'm talking about can be anything…literally anything that is characteristic of you! It could be the charismatic smile that you flash at people from time to time, your spontaneity of humour, ideas, the capacity to get into other's shoes, to carry yourself well ,to tackle any situation, understand and convince people, going out of your way, helping the destitute and the orphaned, jabbering 24x7(Infact it is more of a talent, because, once you are cornered gibbering , your actual talent lies in tackling the tight situation!)or it could be in doing what you like in your own way…! To be precise, it might be anything that gives you an immense feeling of contentment, something that makes you feel you are indeed different in a way…! Trust me, everybody is talented! The luminosity of this term need not essentially rest with the elite gang who go bragging, about their deluge of certificates and achievements. 'He' has been partial to none…He has bestowed on each of us, some power, somewhere in us, which when discovered, propels us to the top! And identifying that power(your interest) within you and working hard in achieving what you wanted to,is something that makes all the difference between the "common man" n people whom we claim to be "successful". Some who have tried to explore themselves n discover their innate capabilites have turned out to become eloquent speakers, renowned artists, writers, sportsmen, musicians or dancers. So, why can't you or rather, why don't u?? "Talent" is closely associated with perseverance and humility. Once the power in you , stands unleashed, perseverance is essentially the requirement that gears you up to reach for those inviting n ever-twinklin stars , that you have all along cherished! The following lines describes the importance of this virtue, at its best- "Every time I'm down, I go n have a look at the wood-cutter, Striking the wood atleast a hundred times, With nothing less than a crack showing on it… Yet , at the hundred n one'th blow, it breaks apart, implying that, it wasn't simply the result of the last blow, but all that had gone before!! Never give up even at the nth time, who knows? Mr.Probability agrees that Success could still be waiting for you on your (n+1)th endeavour. Humility is another important aspect, I'd want to touch upon. Most of the people who are claimed to have accomplished much, tumble at this 'shouldn't-do-without' virtue. As one of the excerpts from the gospel goes-"Be very humble for, all that you have, only decays in your grave!" How true! With the passage of time, all the applause earned dies, achievements are forgotten, the accolades n certificates won, get buried, n awards tarnish. But the truth remains-The people who have made a difference in our lives are not really the ones with myriad credentials, money or fame…They are the ones who CARE!!! Now, its easier to conclude-talented people are those who believe in their capabilities, be it small or big, never doubt if they can, n can prove that no one can do it better, retaining all their humility, in the very process!! So don't just hoard ur talent...!Baygon spray those pessimistic bugs, that come time n again carrying with them the infectious air of cynicism ! Remain confident, never under-rate yourself, instead love yourself, for what you are, n then will it dawn on you, that no amount of motivation would do bigger wonders!
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