She calls my mom arrogant (3) : The Pay back

June 7, 2018 10:30am CST
This is the last part. About a week ago Mr.K came to my mom's house and paid back all the money that Mrs.K borrowed from my mom. Mr.K still not taking his wife's motorcycle back home, it still in our garage. He said he will come get it after Eid holiday because he told his wife it'll be in pawn shop until they can collect enough money to redeem. I have huge respect for Mr.K, he is really a great man and husband. I hope Mrs.K won't cause him more trouble in the future. As for my mom, my big brother talked to her to not lend anyone money without discussing with any of us 1st, especially if its a big amount of money. We can't make her to stop lend anyone money, because that's her own money but we want to avoid something like this happen in the future so the least we can do is to give our opinion when someone come to her to borrow money.
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• Defuniak Springs, Florida
7 Jun 18
If its her money its none if your brothers concern who she lends it to.
@mlgen1037 (30749)
• Manila, Philippines
7 Jun 18
Hats off to Mr.K. A man of word and dignity. I hope your mom learned her lesson and be careful next time.
@Jessabuma (32396)
• Baguio, Philippines
7 Jun 18
Ohh , Mrs. K is lucky for having Mr. K as husband. Hopefully , she will never cause trouble again.