Does the "end" really justifies the "means"?

@Sierrae (128)
July 8, 2018 7:13am CST
You may have heard about this phrase from Robin Hood, where stealing was justified since he was giving it to the poor. Is it really justified? My dad was reading this article online about a man killing pedophiles since his daughter was once raped by a pedo, and since he does not want what happend to her daughter to happen to other little girls, he began a series of serial killing where the target known pedophiles and sex offenders, he was eventually caught and is now on trial for multiple murder. My dad exclaimed "serves him right", saying that the man should be punished for killing people, and I asked "Why? Isn't he doing everyone a favor? Isn't he saving little girls from having the same fate as her daughter did?", he then told me that you can never justify killing, even if it's killing bad people, killing is still killing. I don't know if i am twisted or not, but i really disagree with my dad, and i really do believe that the end justifies the means, the question is, do you?
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@Jessabuma (31862)
• Baguio, Philippines
13 Jul 18
It's really a tough question but your father is right, killing is killing and it's bad thing.
@teenspirit (1604)
• Israel
9 Jul 18
It's so complicated
@id_peace (14085)
• Singapore
8 Jul 18
I do agree that the end justified the mean. So if I think that the end can be justified, I would do what i should to achieve it even if the cost of the end is high.
@banksim (4410)
9 Jul 18
quite difficult question
@Fliafaith (767)
• Nairobi, Kenya
8 Jul 18
its so unfortunate, am sorry
8 Jul 18
If everyone does that, wouldn't it be the same as The Purge. So what is the difference between say, a justified murderer and the pedo. Listen to your dad, son.
@lady1993 (27131)
• Philippines
8 Jul 18
that is quite a difficult question that until now i find it hard to answer... but when it comes to taking a life.. i think no one has the right to do it, the means was just quite extreme And i don't think his daughter would approve too
8 Jul 18
But to me the way I see rape,rape is murder so to kill every rapist its a fair deal