Everything is so different!!

United States
July 17, 2018 12:23pm CST
Ok I admit I haven't been on mylot for a VERY long time. I used to be Zukepr a long time ago if there are still any of my old friends here. Man I gotta say, everything is so different now. I don't even recognize this place. I cant find any of my old friends except one. I cant figure out how to find my friends' discussions. As a matter of fact I'm surprised that I was even able to figure out how to post a discussion. LOL So to make this a true discussion- Have you ever left somewhere for a long time then went back? Was everything the same or had everything changed? What helped you adapt to the new changes?
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@Starmaiden (9311)
• Canada
17 Jul 18
Welcome (back) to Mylot! I've been a member since March of this year and some things have changed since then. Many of my new found friends have gone AWOL. Hopefully they too will return.
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@hereandthere (45671)
• Philippines
17 Jul 18
welcome back. we now earn when we receive likes, responses and comments. the minimum payout is now $5. to find discussions by the people you follow, just go to Follows (up there next to Explore) then Their Discussions. here is the link to the revised community guidelines and faq.
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@AKRao24 (27427)
• India
17 Jul 18
Welcome back dear friend! I am here on Mylot for last 12 years but I have rejoined this site in February and had the same confusion what you had! But believe me if you spend some time here you will come to know that this change is for good and we have got an affectionate group of people here! Please go through Guide lines and FAQ section as there are some changes here which you must know! All the best! Thanks!
• China
21 Jul 18
Just got back. After reading this, I got curious if I would feel the same. Let's see.