By Jake
Laguna, Philippines
August 20, 2018 11:28pm CST
Guys, I'm back! Hi. I got a really serious problem. My dogs have ticks for months. I have bought special soaps and shampoos but ticks keep on coming. I know my dogs already feel the discomfort of having ticks all over their bodies. Please note that my dogs live inside our house with no contact to any outside dogs. Do you guys know any way of removing ticks PERMANENTLY? Thank you and lets have a great talk.
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@nanette64 (20364)
• Fairfield, Texas
21 Aug 18
@owlwings is correct @jennisonpangan . You can even buy the tubes from Hartz on line. Usually the package comes with 3 tubes. A full tube is used at the base of the dogs neck just before the shoulder blades. It is also critical to remove any ticks using a pair of tweezers. You must get as close to the skin as you can to remove the head; otherwise the tick will still continue to drink the blood and transfer diseases. There are 7 diseases that ticks carry which can be deadly to the dogs.
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@Starmaiden (9311)
• Canada
21 Aug 18
There are collars you can purchase at pet stores that keep ticks away as they do fleas and other mites that dogs attract.
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@owlwings (43915)
• Cambridge, England
21 Aug 18
Undoubtedly the best method of controlling ticks and fleas is the 'spot on' treatment where a drop of the medication is applied to the dog's neck, usually, once a month. Any fleas or ticks which feed on the dog ingest some of this and it prevents them from breeding, thus breaking the cycle of infestation. It is best to buy this from your vet because he/she will know the correct product and dosage for your pet's weight. Your vet will also be able to let you have a small plastic tool which makes tick removal easy. Try to avoid letting your dogs run in places where ticks occur naturally - in long grass or undergrowth, for example.
@Shavkat (137310)
• Philippines
21 Aug 18
I think you can try to ask a vet. I bought a dropper and it is so effective.
@jstory07 (134835)
• Roseburg, Oregon
21 Aug 18
You might have to take your dogs to a vet.
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