A Poem: Paint Me Blue

@stanws (126)
Stoughton, Massachusetts
October 26, 2018 8:24pm CST
Paint Me Blue Paint me blue! I don't mean some contrived, cool and creamy calm composed to quell loquacious psyches' sappy compulsion! I don't mean no half-assed, think fast, you ain't gonna last, you been out-classed, your time has passed revulsion! Paint me blue! I don't mean the squeaky-clean mirage - some babbling birage of disengenuity that crosses fingers and rots as it lingers! 'Cause the mud-slingers should NOT be seen OR heard! Their front their demise, of lies aplenty hosts their own kind as their soap box was ALWAYS empty! Paint me blue! I don't want some cocky crimson flimsy whimsy feigning some waxing and waning for weary want of choice and screaming "Look at me!" I will not be a washed up and wayward wanna-be who cannot see beyond the tree. I don't need an audience - I need a voice! Paint me blue! I'm talkin' 'bout that fresh and frigid, roaringly rigid and lung-clearing bridge between living and dying! I mean such an Absolute Zero-nearing, either you're God-fearing or you find death endearing (or maybe your doubt's disappearing!) deepest - DEEPEST! - dark before dawn that flows and swells, spacious and mighty! YES! Paint me blue! Tattoo my skin, yes, but in that artist's muse I do refuse the merely shallow boarding of wanter's wagon. If I'm a canvas, then let it be so, but not of posturing - NO! You use this chance to embrace and enhance the truth to be told by metaphor's AND literal's dance! Paint me blue! I don't mean no quiet and cool placater's tool, designed to calm the "savage" beast. I won't hear "obey the rules" from feckless fools inclined and disposed and plain ol' tempted to sedate seditious sentiment out of man's original sin of *terror*, that is, that his own nature will be found out! Paint me blue! No clunky cliche' for some "true blue" segue which begs to bestow a hypocritical oath that, with tongue firmly in cheek, still harbors a Freudian green of he who can do no harm because he bears no serious clout. Paint me blue! Give me the deepest and truest that is passion's bluest reward for the guts to taste and touch and feel what all is up to and past hypothetical borders. I have but one life to live, and live it I shall! These are *MY* marching orders! PAINT ME BLUE!
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@RasmaSandra (74325)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
27 Oct 18
Now it just needs music and you got an awesome rock tune.
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@nanayangel (7879)
• Philippines
27 Oct 18
Hi there Stan! Thank you so much for sharing your poem with us. I love how it intensified the emotions and how it explored a whole new myriad of meaning that painting blue can have. I enjoyed reading your poem. Please continue writing and sharing your poems with us.