Love Marriage VS Arrange Marriage

November 28, 2006 10:32am CST
Choose what u fair buddy....responese will be counted a last..........see love one wins or arrange one wins
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@swarn47 (1706)
• India
28 Nov 06
arranged marriage - arranged marriage
I prefer arranged marriage. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is at some level arranged by someone other than those being married • In a traditional arranged marriage (not forced), the parents again choose the child's future spouse with little or no input from the child. If the child refuses the choice, the parents tend to respect the child's wishes and choose another possible spouse. However, considerable emotional pressure may be brought to bear to make the child "see reason". The main motivating factor in such marriages is the happiness of the child, but viewed from a paternalistic/maternalistic angle ("Parents know best"). • In a modern arranged marriage, the involvement of the child is considerably more. Parents choose several possible mates for the child, sometimes with the help of the child (who may indicate which photos/biographies he or she likes, for example). The parents will then arrange a meeting with the family of the prospective mate, and the two children will often have a short unsupervised meeting (an hour long walk around the neighborhood together, for example). The children will then eventually choose who they wish to marry (if anyone), although parents may exert varying degrees of pressure on the child to make a certain choice of which they approve. The happiness of the child is the main concern, and the parents see their role as responsible facilitators and well-wishers. Source: A love marriage is a union of two parties based upon affection and a mutual attraction between the individuals. The term is used in contrast to arranged marriage and forced marriage especially in India and the countries near it. Source: