@terriann (4457)
United States
November 28, 2006 12:35pm CST
What brand name pots do you like to use best? I prefer Magnelite pots, they don't stick and easy cleaned.........
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12 Jan 07
I am using a set of T-Fal pans that we got as a wedding gift. I am very please with the set, I don't know if I am cooking better these days or if the pans just don't stick as easily as the set I had inherited. Good question!
@ukchriss (2103)
11 Jan 07
I just answered this on another post, lol I have a set of enamelled Le Creuset but find these very heavy to use, so I mainly use stainless steel pots and pans. I also use a wok and at times cook in my microwave. I used to use teflon non stick ones but i was told these can be bad for you if they get scratched the teflon can start to flake off and it can be very bad for your health.
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29 Nov 06
honestly, I cook with whatever happens to be in the cabinet. We have a lot from our wedding gifts several years back and mis-matched pots collected across the years. New pots would be nice, but then I'd feel guilty for getting rid of the old ones which work perfectly well.
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28 Nov 06
my mom uses magnelite pots.