Dammit Had To Say Big Bear

Mojave, California
February 19, 2019 9:17pm CST
The rain here means lots of snow in Big Bear, Figured as popular as the place is must be a song. Sure is and thought I heard this song before. Who has not seen Band Of Brothers? That being said, get to Big Bear before the snow melts. You are welcome Big Bear. I will take check, credit card, Paypal. Dammit what did corporate America do to me? They made me Big Bear. Give me a hug. I can be Big Bear Too.
Action Clips from Band of Brothers, song is "Big Bear" by Steak. Enjoy. And for those who think I am a Nazi Sympathizer, no I am not, just putting music to a...
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21 Feb 19
Nice song it is.
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• Mojave, California
2 Mar 19
Thanks bro, I like the big bear. Just dogs with a bigger temper and attitude.
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6 Mar 19
@crossbones27 exactly, just dogs
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• Mojave, California
11 Mar 19
@autoassign Amen, why I can never hate on bears.