Any psychics out there?

@Maeica (169)
New Zealand
November 28, 2006 6:03pm CST
I have some questions about my life and if there are any genuine psychics out there, please respond to this. Greatly appreciated!OK, some questions: 1) Will I have more children? 2) Will the novel my guy and I are writing ever be published? Will it be successful? 3) I'd like to make a lot of money and be successful. Will I ever manage this? 4) Will I ever have a good relationship with my step-daughter? 5) Will I live to be old? Thanks again.
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21 Mar 07
Hi I'm Toya I have psychic abilities I could probably answer your questions but I would have to focus in a session and if i could give some advice I'd be careful just asking anyone to do psychic readings for you just like that cause psychics tune in with you and some psychics tune into people's minds which isn't really very good, it can make you feel tired or rundown. They don't always mean it but it's a way of reading which isn't correct Please write back and I've added a pending friend request so if I do the reading then I can send you the answers in an email.
@Aali311 (6118)
• United States
29 Nov 06
nope no psychics well atleast im not psychic.