Ever wonder how things were when ...

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November 28, 2006 6:28pm CST
Your dad and mom were in their teens, twenties, their thirties and forties, etc? You've likely heard much of the music they listened to. Lots of young people still enjoy the classic music their parents listened and danced to. Along with the music are the movies. The main protagonist, as odd as it may sound today, are the special effects. Once Superman and Batman excited people, young and old, the way they do today. But the difference then was that they were in the frames of newspaper comic strips. No firey special effects on paper. Kids in the fifties would hurry home from school to see, "It's a bird ... It's a plane ... IT'S SUPERMAN!" Those were really thrilling words then when Superman first came on TV. Now days there's so much to see everywhere and at any time. But when you want real substance from movies at home, next time before you watch your main feature, put on a classic DVD starring Bette Davis or Barbara Stanwyck two of the surreal divas of mystery, romance, murder and intrigue. Old classics give you the genuine "who done its". Movie makers today can't "do it like they did it" then. The mysteries are so much fun to decipher. From time to time we Americans feel a strong urge to see a good movie. Oftentimes when a movie is over at the theater it's over albeit too soon leaving us wanting for more. Can you imagine how theaters used to show two and three features all day back to back till late at night? Today you'll leave a theater still having an uncanny craving to get satisfaction so you'll go home and catch a good classic old movie. You'll see how peoples lived then. You'll see the cities the fashions and the countrysides. You can see back in time which for the nostalgic is always intriguing. Caveat! Watching a classic though, will take you back to those times. Don't worry about the feeling you have after watching one of two classic movies when you have to return to reality, our modern times. The ancient feeling of those times will quickly go away.
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@juliedee (2388)
29 Nov 06
My favourite decade was the 70's. The music was so good then - I loved Motown and northern soul and there were some great groups around then. I still play a lot of the music from the 70's and it has such great memories for me.