Who should the Democrats nominate for President in 2008?

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November 28, 2006 9:42pm CST
Hillary? John Kerry? Obama? Gore? Wesley Clark? John Edwards? Or anyone else for that matter.....who do you think and why.
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29 Nov 06
I ain't really sure who they should nominate. I know that John Kerry is an idiot, he'd just be the Democratic equivalent to Bush. Al Gore is O.K. but he lost once. Barak Obama isn't ready yet, although his views are good. John Edwards just has something about him I don't like. I don't know much about Wesley Clark. I'd have to choose Hillary. I think it might be time for a woman president(did i say that?). I think it might be a really interesting race if it was Hillary against Condalessa Rice. I'd vote for Hillary but it would be fun to watch.