Avengers: Endgame ( A review without SPOILERS)

Los Angeles, California
May 14, 2019 9:24am CST
With a film like 'Avengers: Endgame', the purpose of writing an analysis with no more spoilers of the account is revealed as an almost as impossible task as putting some order into the cosmos when half the population has been massacred. Even so, there are things to tell not without the inevitable warning: in the following criticism there are no details of the argument, but some of the structure, of the rhythm, of the general sensations. If you want to get absolutely ignorant at the premiere, stop reading. The intention not to reveal more of the account is complicated from the very structure of the film, which plays with a relatively surprising anticlimax when the film has not even reached its first hour. It is the best moment of the film - along with the inevitable final streak, of which obviously we are not going to say almost anything - the moment in which the spectator is caught by a certain bewilderment, by a calm tension, No need for fireworks, but with drama and pure desolation for the characters, and in which it seems the Russos enjoy having the Avengers at the lowest point in the whole saga.It’s a time to savor if you think the big problem afflicting the MCU movies (especially the big events, such as the adventures of the Avengers and Captain America) is that they all obey a similar structure and aesthetics. Because this boot is one of the few parts of the movie where, without action, just with some drama of low intensity and without a lot of fuss, the spectator asks himself... and now what? The rest of this adventure, for better or worse, is an Avengers movie. What does that mean? That the rest of 'Avengers: Endgame', logically with a good deal of surprises on board (are many characters to play with, will catch you easily unaware on more than one occasion) is relatively predictable. If you’ve been aware of the fans' theories, you’ll see how many of them come true (and many of them don’t, especially in that first hour of footage that plays at bewilderment). But essentially, if you expect the core of the film to be a fling that makes you look at everything you’ve seen so far in a new light, be prepared for disappointment. The best I can say about 'Avengers: Endgame' is that all your problems (the inevitable fate of some of his characters, announced with hype and saucer from practically three films before; the stagnation of some formulas to visualize the action; the need to give voice to so many characters) are absolutely predictable. But on the positive side there are surprises and emotions, unexpected twists and a kind of cinema that literally has never been done before. An indisputable triumph for Marvel and an essential date for fans of the genre.
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@LovelyxOdd (1285)
• United States
16 May
We saw this the night it came out and really liked it. It had me on the edge of my seat during the battle scene.
@psanasangma (1032)
• India
16 May
I love this movie, and I wish there is another story of thor and gardian of galaxy
@eLsMarie (4335)
• Philippines
15 May
It's a brilliant film. They deserve to be on the top spot. It's a good thing that they showed how everything is interconnected. They made a lot of fans happy.
@MALUSE (50338)
• Germany
14 May
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