Now That Is Funny

Redlands, California
May 16, 2019 12:44am CST
Remember Iraq. I read an article about US economy under Trump going the way of Bush's. Think about it, economy doing pretty well under Clinton. Taxes raised on wealthy, paying down our debt, surplus in his time not overall debt. Remember to say that correctly kids. All for Bush to come along and say, to much money for government. Lets give it back, my 40 tasted so good, but the rich could buy a mansion for their daughter. A new sports Car so Bachelors like Trump could play the field. Obama had us lined up again to be sustainable to a degree, more sustainable is probably the right answer. Along comes Trump Tax Cuts for the rich, pay for my trips to Mar a logo. Deficit through the roof. and now, happening all over again. Who can we blame. Iran. Yep, Iran is next to Iraq. Pull our troops to go fight there next. Evil just the same. Funny meme by a Marine. How dare Iran start crap with us. Shows how they invaded all of our territory. Shows a picture of Iran's country's border lines and then shows all the intern bases the US set up as to watch Iran. A grip in every country that surrounds Iran. It almost makes you question. Who is invading who?
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@aninditasen (1880)
• Raurkela, India
It's for US to answer who invades whom and why is US interfereing time and again.