Smarter Birds

Redlands, California
May 16, 2019 5:29am CST
Say need to tone it down a notch. Love my smart birds. I was actually getting pumped up, but no logic means you do not have to not bring logic also. Instead bow out for grace and fight another day. I do know one thing this song did not catch, not at the wars end. Just beginning. Maybe meant their hood, still cool song though. Wars end can you imagine?
Band: Rancid Song: The Wars End Album: ...And Out Come the Wolves Year: 1995
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@Nakitakona (4615)
25 May
Why not? Wars should put to an end for nobody is a winner. Everyone is a loser. Cool music, anyway.
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• Redlands, California
26 May
Wow, you seem to understand my post better than me.
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26 May
@crossbones27 Not at all. Anybody doesn't need to be in war. Doesn't it?