Modi Sarkar is Back

@yugocean (9457)
May 23, 2019 9:55am CST
Indian Elections are over, as expected, Narendra Modi's leadership won again, thi time it got more seats then previous and so does allies (NDA). With clear majority, BJP can form government on its own, however it will continue to share power with allies. Now it is up to modi yo choose his cabinet wisely and properly. For Modi supporters ( like me ) Modi Hai Toh Mumkin Hai (It is ours) And to Modi heaters - go hang yourself.
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@iamdahmmy (1870)
• Lagos, Nigeria
23 May
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@Corbin5 (146056)
• United States
23 May
Glad things turned out the way you wanted.
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@yugocean (9457)
• India
24 May
In my office section, I was the only Modi supporter; now everyone wants Party.
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@yanzalong (11522)
• Indonesia
19 Jun
It ran according to what you expected. It was good.
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