Who were we in a past life?

Chisinau, Moldova
July 10, 2019 7:20am CST
It's very strange to talk about this, but I often think about what it's like to live in another body, what if in a past life I was a man, a criminal or something . I believe in rebirth of the soul, and for me the most remains a mystery why we don't remember their past lives? Maybe it's to protect us from losing loved ones? But on the other hand, a person who remembers his past lives has a huge life experience and knowledge.
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@psanasangma (2028)
• India
15 Jul
No idea about past life. But it will be interesting to know who am i and what works I do
• United States
12 Jul
I don't know about past lives, but they say sometimes, when you think you met someone before, or been some where before. They say you may have lived in the past. I don't feel like I have ever lived before, so I have no clue.
@Daljinder (22507)
• India
10 Jul
I find the past life study intriguing. I would like to know mine and would love to hear about others.
@MALUSE (51797)
• Germany
10 Jul
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@sophie09 (7524)
• Indonesia
10 Jul
have you ever watched a movie called The Host?
@cherriefic (5203)
• Philippines
10 Jul
I somewhat believe in the idea of having a past life. But I guess not being able to remember what happens for a reason.
@cperry2 (1364)
• United States
10 Jul
While I accept the idea, that our souls my journey upon this realm of the living multiple times, I do not focus my attention here. Whatever might have happened in previous lives are beyond my reach to affect. I've read that sometimes the mental issues of the earlier life may manifest in a current life, again, how would I know and what can I do if it does? I tend to live my life as it comes and treat any malady that hits me as something from here and now.