Kids are the best but so exhausting.

Saint Lucia
July 10, 2019 12:04pm CST
Whoever said that these kids will be easier as they get older is seriously misguided. My 2 going on 3 year old is my life, but she is all over the place. The "terrible twos" are real people! I love her to death though. Any stories about your babies?
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• Lenox, Georgia
10 Jul
I have 5 children and every stage is a blessing and goes by SO fast-too fast. Before we know it they are a teenager and then grown! =( As they get older they become more self sufficient which makes things a little easier but every stage has it's challenges. =)
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• Saint Lucia
10 Jul
You are right Jennifer. Time passes by so quickly. Makes me appreciate these moments so much more. In ten years, I will be looking back and laughing at these memories.
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• Lenox, Georgia
10 Jul
@Brice28 Yes, in the years to come we will look back and think where did the time go? And things will be much funnier in the future rather than when things are taking place. Lol.
@Starkinds (3008)
• India
16 Jul
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@velvet53 (19298)
• Palisade, Colorado
15 Jul
I raised two sons and they were little monsters, I also did day care so I had to go through it again. Now many years later I have a granddaughter. She is 3 1/2 but the last year has really been something else. She is getting better but still has her moments. She thinks she rules the world. Not with grandma she doesn't. I love her dearly but I am the boss in my house.
@debjani1 (6540)
15 Jul
I have one daughter. She is in class 3. Dhe spend most of her time with me. Its very interesting.
@cperry2 (1364)
• United States
11 Jul
Having one child was exhausting, a second helped to bring things for the first one to do, After all she considered the second child as hers to take care of. So much help... It at least kept her busy.
@MALUSE (51797)
• Germany
10 Jul
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