Esoteric and divination

Chisinau, Moldova
July 10, 2019 12:20pm CST
Probably many have heard about safe ways of divination , I would like to touch on this topic, because I have been studying it, and for the reason that people are always interested to know about their future. I will try to make a series of posts where I will talk about different ways of divination which are relatively harmless and which are of course more for fun than for predicting the future. Divination on coffee grounds GUESSWORK. It is believed that the GUESSWORK takes its origin in the XIV century. Scientists say that even the Peruvian Indians before hunting guessing for coffee. Of course, the symbolism and interpretation of the ancient Peruvian Indians hardly coincide with those symbols and meanings that are accepted in divination on the coffee grounds now. But it does not matter - the drink has long spread around the world, and more than 200 million people, regardless of skin color and place of residence, start their day with a Cup of this fragrant, strong and invigorating drink. That is why divination on the coffee grounds has received such fame. The advantage was that because of the strength and vigor which the body gets from each drunk a Cup of coffee, coffee began to ascribe albeit vague, but magical sense. Usually the coffee fortune telling for later drink without sugar. The prepared drink should be drunk slowly, savoring every SIP, relaxing and as if plunging into an atmosphere of peace, a kind of trance, which. Oval - speaks of the wholeness of your personality, it terminated edges indicate either disrupted the harmony of the individual, or disease; The circle - as it concentrates all your problems, the image in the circle is the basic meaning of divination; Semicircle - usually says about the impermanence of your character; Line or multiple - a straight line indicates the length of your life, if closer to the edge of the Cup line goes up - it means your professional growth, career; The line, interrupted by a dotted line -usually means some blows of fate, which will become milestones on your life path. If the pattern you clearly see the silhouette of a person, then love is a promise date, and man gagausia for a loss - the deadweight loss of this thing. If the pattern you will find a similarity with the image of a tree or other plants, as well as panoramas of land, but it portends obstacles, quarrels, failure in business, the breakup of love Affairs, longing and sorrow, and long travel. The shadow of an animal or a bird promises you sad news. Lampshade - you misjudge the situation, take a closer look at others; Angel - good news; Shark - you are under the gun of their enemies; Harlequin - you are waiting for changes for the better in your personal life; Bagel - empty troubles; Baran - you have lost contact with the authorities, The poor man is an unexpected find; Fighter - you are in the thick of the conflict; Bracelet - your problem - a vicious circle; Running (man) - quick change of events; HSE - you are closely watched; Cherries - a short meeting that will bring you a lot of joy, but no less hassle; Cherry tree - everyday troubles, Diver - do not solve problems by the way, try to look deep into and find the reasons; Boar, boar - a prosperous life; Wine - to blame before someone; Algae - you are confused in a variety of problems; Cornflower - disease; Viking - you should rest, you are overloaded; Globe - you will travel; Mountain - will have to overcome difficulties; A naked body is poverty; Dove - good news; Gangsters - unexpected assistance; Mushrooms - scandal in the family; Peas, peas - small gossip and light hype around you; Porcupine - a major turn in your life; Giraffe - what are your hopes for fast changes won't come true, Beetle - your business falters; Lark - says the prospect of free creativity; Toad - next to you - envious; Gutter - you have a long lawsuit; Hare - cowardly friend; Fence - an obstacle in achieving the goal; The star - clarity in dealing with complex issues; Zebra - you will find a change of events; Needle - you are too vulnerable to your enemies; Icon - remember your piety; Maps - the change of destiny; Crown - promotion, good luck in business; King - you control the current state of Affairs; Cow - wealth in the house, farm wife; Roof - you have a reliable patron; The book - the prospect of promotion; Ring - marriage or marriage; Basket - gossip, confusion; Cat - enemies near you do not calm down; Fortress - you have a reliable patron; Cross - you expect trouble, Chair - possible promotion; Bed - illness someone from the family; Fist - in a difficult moment expect help from friends; The cake - prosperity and wealth in the economy; The lamp is going to take care of your difficult questions; The horse in the near future you can cheat; The leaves (of a tree) is a monetary award or a major discovery; Spoon - prosperity in the house; Raspberry is a pleasant acquaintance; Monster - you probably have an enemy who is just waiting for the opportunity to deceive you, The bridge will be able to avoid conflict, Meat - you may have a serious illness, Rhino - friend will give you a "bearish service"; Scissors - in front of you - a difficult choice, but you need to do something to then Yurko not regret his slowness; Sock - ahead you have significant changes in the family, it may be due to the birth of a child or marriage; Donkey is a stupid friend who needs your attention and needs your care; Lake - dramatically limit the circle of friends, most likely gathered around you insincere people, Island - possible loneliness; Necklace - a lot of small problems; Octopus - you are trying to get involved in a bad, dishonest thing, so do not trust the beautiful speeches; Parrot - hype, gossip, chatter; Peach - secured life; Train - upcoming trip; Oven - talk about a major with someone from home; Millet, millet - prosperity in the house; Cock - empty noise, flattering speech, praise with a selfish purpose, so you someone wants to catch in their network; Fish - cold bosses; Backpack - moving, resettlement; Rose - nice to meet you; Mouth - you will become a hero of gossip; Hand - your patrons remember you, do not worry, if you are unlucky, this phenomenon is temporary, support will soon arrive; Wall - lack of understanding of loved ones; Table - an opportunity to increase your intellectual level; Tit - small reward; Dog - help from a friend; The steppe is a ridiculous adventure that will take place against your will and against your will; Construction - the changes in your personal life; Frying pan - quarrel in the family; The axe - large conversation with someone from did, most likely, with frustrating for you the result; Tiger - you are trying to get involved in an adventure; Street - you lurks hidden danger; Snail - slow progress of your Affairs; Jewelry - a ghostly victory in business; Iron - conflict; Flag - meeting a friend; Owl - friend will tell you the way out of this situation; Magician - fraud cases, petty theft, bad talk and intrigue at work; Figure - running - chores; lying is a disease, sitting is hard work; squatting - an unexpected event; two figures signify the come true hopes; Bread - family well-being; Sty - dirty intrigue; Artist - your successful transaction will end with deception; Heron - a threat to be left alone; Watch is an unexpected success; Kettle - car accident; Fur coat - calm conflicts; Overcoat - the protection in cases of intercession in difficult times; Cap - an abundance of small problems; Storm - mental imbalance; Yule - empty troubles; Skirt - new acquaintances will become good friends; torn skirt - cheating in love; Apple - festive atmosphere, joy in the house, promotion; Anchor - temporary trouble in business matters, a delay in career growth, an abundance of unresolved problems'.
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@Ecoy41 (380)
11 Jul
I couldn't process everything said in here. Maybe I have to relax first so I can understand perfectly. I don't really believe in fortune telling but it somehow guides us through.
• Chisinau, Moldova
11 Jul
Of course, I always thought and now I think that a person always wants to know what is waiting for him, we somehow want to look into the future. Why not try?
@JeahNika (77)
• Brisbane, Australia
16 Jul
Are you clairvoyant?