Prediction on dice

Chisinau, Moldova
July 10, 2019 12:26pm CST
At one time I got into the hands of the technique of divination on the bones.Used it partially,not for a long time.personal opinion is running 50/50.Can not achieved success due to little practice.Maybe can be useful to someone. First: it is believed that the throw should take place in complete silence. Second, it is believed that Gatti on the bones himself - a bad sign. Third: the most suitable for divination is considered cold, windless weather. Fourth: it is not necessary to test destiny. Ask the same question is at most times during the lunar month. 2 bones 6-6-Gods favor you, everything will come true 6-5-the probability, but there may be difficulties, otherwise just ask 6-4-the Protection of the gods, feel free to do will come true. 6-3-the Difficulty,look at yourself, not yet. 6-2-the gods are silent, taboo, the answer is no 6-1 –All to be fulfilled but it will take more time 5-5-the Gods be with you, daring do what 5-4-Taboo,refuse,gods forbid 5-3-the chance is not great, beware, ask something otherwise overlooked 5-2-the probability of fulfillment of your plan. Bring the Trebs to the gods 5-1-Balance on the blade of the knife, sacrifice to the gods 4-4-Blanas the blade of a knife, if you want good luck get rites to the gods 4-3-Gods with you, but can be difficulties. 4-2-the Gods are silent, the probability is low, ask otherwise, something overlooked 4-1-the Gods favor you, together you will succeed, put your own strength 3-3-Ask for advice from the gods, if they help you then do what you planned 3-2-the Gods favor in your volshby, do what you will 3-1-the Probability is small, the difficulties in your way, 2-2-Gods banned, with no the probability is low 2-1-the Gods be with you,intended to be fulfilled. 1-1-the Gods are silent, no more time to ask otherwise. 1 bone 1-Divine patronage Senior, victory on your side, you will achieve all what do you want if not svernesh with his path. 2-Balance on a knife blade if you are willing to pay the victim, then do what you planned 3-the Gods are smiling on all that is planned to be completed successfully. The gods accept your sacrifices 4-the Gods are with you but a lot depends on you,put your own effort 5-Gods favor you. Bring the clubs. 6-the Gods be with you do what you planned and executed.
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@debjani1 (6540)
12 Jul
Interesting to know but not believe too much. Yes, GOD had already fixed everything for us. So predictions are always not true.