Interpretation in astrology

Chisinau, Moldova
July 10, 2019 12:34pm CST
Due to the wide possibility and availability of self-construction of the Natal chart and the study of astrology there are situations when the events in the Natal chart are treated as inevitable. Indeed, is considered at birth, man part of his life is predetermined. This includes the physical body, housing, material wealth, friends, partners, children, Pets. Incorrect reading of the map can lead not only to depression, but also to mental illness. One of them is a form of psychosis, when incorrectly or incorrectly pronounced diagnosis causes the disease. Just recently faced with the fact that the wife predicted the death of her husband within the next two years. Naturally, the family has been living in "waiting" for this event for a long time. After 6 months of waiting, the family was on the verge of divorce. Nervous tension in the family grew into open aggression. The husband, naturally, is not going to die, his wife loves him, the thought of his imminent death leads her into a stupor, she can't do anything beforehand to mourn her husband. My opinion is that with such a turn of events, perhaps, certainly attract a bad event in your life. The quality of the interpretation of the card it is different because death and all the events 8 (life expectancy) at home, a competent astrologer can predict the liability to only one person from whom he directly dependent on the financial. In all other cases, the astrologer should only his teacher and God. It is necessary to remember that when interpreting the map, our mind should not be excited. Here are some points of the state of mind to consider: 1) money had to be joy from the fact that the planets in the coming year will be, so that will bring you peace, good fortune and other positive things so you can relax and lie on the sofa waiting for the "miracle┬╗, 2) it is impossible to fall into a stupor from grief that negative event "saw" in own horoscope, 3) prediction should be good for man, 4) prediction has the right to exist, but it should not condemn a person. There are methods of correction of destiny and they should be used. What - to solve to you personally, but they should be used. In any case, life on earth is different because a person has the opportunity to change his life.
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@MALUSE (51797)
• Germany
10 Jul
What is the Natal chart, please? You seem to assume that all members know it. I don't, though.
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• Chisinau, Moldova
11 Jul
I apologize if this topic seems out of place, I will try to explain everything in detail so that anyone could make their horoscope) I think it will be fun
@ShifaLk (15931)
• India
14 Jul
Thanks for sharing that. I believe that everyone gets that opportunity and that's from God
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@debjani1 (6540)
15 Jul
If you want you can change your life with some extent. I believe in luck. I don't believe in astrological sign. But like to listen about it.
• Chisinau, Moldova
15 Jul
Yes, it happens) many of us do not believe in it but also sometimes watch it out of curiosity)