Prevalence of diabetes increases glucose markedly as a function of age

Kolkata, India
August 2, 2019 6:25pm CST
In the 17th century, the English physician Thomas Willis first noted of our current epidemic of diabetes recognized that diabetes had been a rare disease, but good fellowship stop diabetes. The roots of the lifestyle prescription and diabetes management were well described by end of the 18th century as John Rollo attempted to treat patients with a diet rich in meats and restricted in carbohydrates. The 19th and 20th centuries, most importantly described the identification of the role of the beta cell and insulin action. Age function and diabetes The prevalence of diabetes increases markedly as a function of age, increasing from 0.26% in those younger than age 20 years to more than, 18% in those older than age 60 years. So if your age over 50 years then you need glucose tolerance tests for you. Some people certainly exhibit increased risk of diabetes. These increased risks seem to be driven by both genetic and socioeconomic factors. Other risk factors for diabetes include central obesity, hypertension and cardio vascular disease, the core features of the metabolic syndrome.
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