For Those That Like Countdowns

Redlands, California
August 10, 2019 4:28pm CST
I actually think MTV or radio started it. Top Ten then Holiday Special Top 100. Trying it. You have probably seen some on here do it, very fun. I think JJ lost track or I just do not visit enough. Have not seen any in a while. Fourwalls and Scott's are always cool. I just never been that good at deciding who is better. This one is cool because should be punk music from 2000 to 2009. The time when punk the true version fell off the map again. Pop punk decided to rain in the day according to fans. Maybe why the years, to set us straight once again, because pop punk not that cool anymore but true punk making a comeback. Then again listen to a hardcore kid, all this crap is pop to me, but they always say that. One guy already had his top 10 and yes Rancid makes it again with Rancid 2000. In all honesty be interesting what they show because none of that era of punk impressed me much other than the usual s, like Rancid. Was their ground breaking bands that are still out today that even I do not know about? Why I want to pay attention and not one blog, will be one a day and is smart. Keeps people interested and coming back to see what Tomorrow has to offer.
from the rancid 2000 album. enjoy and subscribe for more
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