Vegemite Challenge

@averygirl72 (16884)
August 14, 2019 4:43am CST
My eldest sister attend a seminar in Australia last June. She brought home a Vegemite spread. I first heard about it here in mylot. It's August already and I haven't tried tasting that famous spread in Australia. I don't know but I don't like how it sounds. It does not appeal to me. Then we have visitors the other day and my sister gave them a vegemite challenge. One of the visitor is a young man and he tried the vegemite. I remember he didn't stand the challenge. He vomited a lot. Because of this I really don't have plan to taste the vegemite spread. Did you have a chance to taste it?
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@MALUSE (52880)
• Germany
15 Aug
No. I don't think that it is sold in my country. I've never seen it.
@averygirl72 (16884)
• Philippines
15 Aug
I think it is only in Australia. We have relatives there