Peoria, Arizona
August 14, 2019 11:57am CST
It is another high pollution day. So my throat hurts, my head hurts, my ears are creaky, I'm a mess but ehh! Here I am, showing you I am of the living. So, something weird happened last night in my dream. For some reason, I was in a computer lab with old friends and they were asking me to translate things to Japanese. I am studying Japanese but I only know little terms like Where's the bathroom or Can I have water? Things like that. So in this dream, it was only small phrases but I was speaking to them and then I woke myself up speaking some of the phrases! Okay, I know I sing and talk in my sleep. I didn't know I could speak another language in my sleep! What the heck?! That's just weird man. Also, I wanted to share my precious ball of sweetness that I drew last night. This is part of my webcomic and when I was working on the storyboard for my webcomic I was like, "We haven't seen Zhen in a while. He doesn't talk in this webcomic but I want to draw him" and so I did. Zhen Marks has been through a lot of changes. He used to be Zhen Yahashi, but I didn't like that name anymore. He used to wear glasses. But I already have two other characters wearing glasses and that is enough for me. He also...used to be a different race. I was 13 when creating these characters and they were kind of based on people I knew, and most people I knew were white so he was actually white. Well...technically he would have been Asian...13 year old me was a weeb okay. After a few years, I knew I needed to make a lot of changes, being more inclusive and such because that is how I want all shows and books and such to be! Not everybody is going to be white or straight. It is why one of my characters is trans! I have a few bisexual characters. I now have more of a diverse cast not because I HAVE to do it that way, but because it only makes sense to do it that way because that is how the world works. I have never been a person to obsess over gender, race, or sexual orientation, I'm just like Heyy you do you boo, I'm female, pansexual, and white that's just how I was born. But I kind of just did what felt more comfortable to me. I didn't just wake up and Go "Zhen is black because I need more diversity to the story!" Nah, I was honestly just doodling one night and I'm just like, "I feel like...Zhen should be black." Kind of like with Aidan, it wasn't a fight, it wasn't an I NEED THIS it was more just like, "Oh...Aidan is a transwoman... Okay!" It just happened, it wasn't a forced thought. It was just what felt natural. I don't know if I am explaining this right, but here is Zhen. He isn't in the webcomics much but he is a big part of the graphic novel. I love him so much. I really love drawing his hair. He is actually childhood friends with Kagami and Itachi, he kind of goes a different path as they are growing up but he still very much loves his friends and hangs out with them from time to time. He loves nature, he loves to garden, he is actually very popular at his school for being such a kind-hearted person. I love Zhen so much and I honestly love how he looks now. Compared to my first design of him, yeah this is the Zhen that I prefer.
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@Gillygirl (36074)
• Sutton, England
14 Aug
Your drawing of Zhen is beautiful
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@CarolDM (37109)
• United States
14 Aug
A nice drawing. Hope the pollution improves so your health can get better.