The Measurement of True FRIENDSHIP:

Friend - For better or worse... TILL DEBT DO US PART!
@cuddiluk (1523)
November 29, 2006 4:34am CST
THe measurement of true friendship is just like marriage, we vow to keep each other, to love, to cherish, for better or worse... "TILL DEBT do us PART"! ewww,,,
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@prasad1961 (5601)
• India
29 Nov 06
The secret of happiness is not doing what one likes to do but in liking what one has to do. In friendship also the same rule applies. Getting the other partner views is important than imposing your views is selfishness. Friendship is devine. So Don't through it as a piece of feather.
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@cuddiluk (1523)
• Philippines
30 Nov 06
hey! its base on the reality what I am imphasizing to this message. Im just giving a joke with sense of reality! "It's just like a stone that was came from heaven thrown down whoever may slammed should never get hurt".
@bkpdp1 (920)
• India
30 Nov 06
Well i agree with u. As far as my knowledge to bridge the gap between friendships, It needs lots of understandings, dedications & commitments that has to be delivered from both the ends.. otherwise it fails..