What is the right age to get married?

@cyclopz (251)
Sydney, Australia
August 28, 2019 8:44pm CST
I know the answer would be different from person to person and varies by gender too. During my parent's time (around 50 years ago), the normal age for getting married would be around 23. Though i'm not quite sure how they become stable enough financially at this age to get married. Weddings itself already cost a lot of money though there is always that option of doing a simple one that does not break the bank. In this current period, i think the normal marrying age for female is around 27 while 30 for male. Females would consider 30 to be a bit late already due to birth complications while for male it would still be fine. What do you think is the right age to get married in this time?
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@marguicha (218257)
• Chile
29 Aug 19
As you said at the beginning of your post, it depends. I got married at 18, but it was not the usual age. I never repented from it.
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@Starkinds (32703)
• India
29 Aug 19
I agree with you I think we don't know when we would meet Our perfect partner
• Calgary, Alberta
30 Aug 19
38 for males and 33 for females. Right maturity and age. Men are big children so they need more growing up.
@dodo19 (47235)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
29 Aug 19
I don't know if there's a right age to get married. There are a lot of factors that I feel may come into play.
@Ladanger (14581)
• United States
29 Aug 19
I feel like maybe after 25 would be great but some marry sooner. I haven't been married yet and don't think i will be anytime soon.
@Janet357 (75651)
29 Aug 19
30 years old
@Starkinds (32703)
• India
29 Aug 19
I think there is no right age for marriage because when you get someone perfect for you it depend on that
@rakski (112924)
• Philippines
29 Aug 19
It depends on the person getting married.
• Guangdong, China
29 Aug 19
well, I think that is the fashionable view of most people from the young. However, the elder generation doesn't agree that. But on my opinion, I think there is not the right age to get married, but the right time and right one to get married. Otherwise, the marriage life is full of trivial matters, how to make a peaceful life for life itself. I hope my life is better and better, not a pile of quarrels or argue about other things on different values.