Back from the gym

@KristenH (27919)
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
September 11, 2019 6:52pm CST
It did rain tonight heavily. I should've stayed home or brought my poncho, since my spring jacket didn't do it justice. But I'm glad I went anyway since yoga is what I needed after a long two weeks of heavy cleaning and stress at home. We did have 3 new yogis in our small class too. Here's what we've done tonight in yoga class while there was a t-storm outside in no particular order: 2 Mini Sun Salutations and 2 Moon Salutations (1x/side) 3 Wall Balls and 2 Hand Stretches 10 Loosening Leg Kicks on blocks (5x/side) 2 Half Moon Poses (1x/side) and 1 Bridge Pose 1 Bridge Pose with Leg Lifts (4x/side) 2 Down Dogs and 2 Forward Folds Bonus pose: 1 Child's Pose That's about it for today!
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@banksim (3234)
12 Sep
ok good routine
@wolfgirl569 (22072)
• Marion, Ohio
12 Sep
Glad you still enjoyed yourself.
@RasmaSandra (30699)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
12 Sep
another great workout and I hope the sun comes out for you.
@Nakitakona (13110)
12 Sep
Same here. It's a heavy downpour brought by another tropical depression Marilyn.
@andriaperry (89773)
• Anniston, Alabama
12 Sep
I can`t recall, what type of work do you do, to make a living? I need yoga but right now I don`t have time.