What Does Self Love And Acceptance Mean To You?

October 9, 2019 1:56pm CST
Self love to me means loving all of yourself with your flaws and all. Loving yourself, your light and darkness. It's taking care of you before anyone else. It's not needing validation from anyone to feel good about yourself. It's about putting you first and your happiness. It's about taking care of you mind, body and soul. It's about confidence and loving yourself without comparing yourself to anyone. Most importantly, it's about knowing who you are and owning it with unconditional love.
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@Happy2BeMe (90232)
• Canada
9 Oct
Well said!!
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9 Oct
Thank you doll!
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@Ladanger (12024)
• United States
9 Oct
That is something i am currently working on. Trying to love myself more.
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9 Oct
You don't have to try. It's already there, just do your inner work and get rid of all the inner wounds that's preventing you from loving yourself the proper way.
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@Aansh13 (6775)
• India
10 Oct
Firstly, it's a pleasure to read your posts. Well, very well said, accepting oneself is of utmost importance. You can never grow if you don't cherish what you have.
@Rashnag (4709)
• Thane, India
10 Oct
Very true. Everyone should love themselves first and that too wholeheartedly
@a_jerobon (1683)
• Eldoret, Kenya
10 Oct
That's so true. I believe self love is about unconditional self acceptance. You accept yourself for all your strengths and weaknesses, for all your mistakes and those things that you do but still don't like. I believe this kind of self acceptance is the base to dealing with all problems in your life.
@Shelbyy (20)
• United Kingdom
10 Oct
That's a good way to describe it. I used to constantly compare myself to others and feel very insecure but I'm learning to accept how I am and be the best I can without worrying so much about being perfect anymore, which is quite impossible to attain anyway.
@Nakitakona (14869)
10 Oct
Are you a preacher? If you don't mind, what do you do for a living? I know nobody is perfect but it seems you are living in an exemplary life. That's awesome.