Which do you think is a better software...Poser, Maya, or 3ds Max ?

November 29, 2006 6:52am CST
Give reasons also please. I like Poser as it is far more easier.
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@reluma (24)
• Philippines
25 Dec 08
its all great programs...just like any other tools, it all has its strength. I personally work on 3ds max because it does not requires higher requirements (graphics card) but gives me great results! while I also like maya, i dont have that hardware requirements to push maya on to its limits!...poser on the other hand is great for creating poses of 3d people for still images and animations so you can avoid the math of scripting, modeling and animating inside maya or max.
@torkyn (80)
• Australia
23 Mar 08
I use 3ds max as it is great for beginners the user interface is easier to use and it has a big community but if you where going after a professional career i would recommend Maya as it tends to be used more by professionals. not to say max isn't though.
@Nagareru (306)
• Peru
22 Feb 07
yay! i love to use paint :D
@aldehg (26)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
Maya i think!. :D
@neha_khan (1803)
• Pakistan
12 Jan 07
I am also using different graphics softwares but i never use poser and maya , so i think 3D SMax is best software for graphics and animations/////
• India
12 Jan 07
Max has easier interface ,which suits the beginerr level skills ,it also has a wonderful developer community simplicity makes it much better however max lacks in certaion areas such as in case of boolean operations, maya on the other hand is not made for beginners ,it is a skillful art that makes it a designers paradise ,complex operations ,complexicity in handling ,complexicity in texturing which requires great amount of skill and patience so my last word is that max is better than maya for beginners And maya is better than max for advanced professionals who are skillful and hungry for advanced designs
@minidak03 (174)
• Canada
11 Dec 06
It all depends on what you would like to do and how much you are going to get involved with 3D editing, I have not personally heard of Poser but there are a lot. I currently use Maya, and I started on Maya, I learned myself on how to use Maya and continue to learn Maya, yes it is extreamly hard to learn everything but keep at it and trust me it comes easier and it pay's off in a huge way, so I vote Maya over everything. 3Ds Max is intended more for the amateur 3D artist and it is much cheaper to buy and a lot of people have created amazing thing's with 3Ds Max. There are lots of programs out there Lightwave is another one, but in order to create perfect outstanding images you need to use a combination of programs and plug-ins, motionblur is a plug in for maya and you can also get creature builders to help you speed up your work.