How do you tell someone that you like their smell without being creepy?

@cyclopz (252)
Sydney, Australia
February 26, 2020 6:32pm CST
I had a colleague who always brings this sweet fruity smell whenever she comes around my area. The scent it so nice that i wish she would just stay here for the whole day, but then we are not that close to chat and keep her around. I was thinking of telling her that she has a very nice scent but then she might think that i am some creepy guy saying such thing. I would really like to know what scent she is using but i don't want to sound creepy also. How should i ask here this or should i just keep my question to myself?
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@louievill (28963)
• Philippines
27 Feb 20
I know what you mean but in the Philippines telling a person you know that their scent smells good and asking what's the brand and where he or she bought it is not considered creepy at all, it's part of normal daily conversation and we could even make jokes if somebody really smells good and nice without being offensive, in fact it's a compliment in our culture. Hope you find out what it is.
@sharon6345 (316720)
• United States
27 Feb 20
Miss xyz I wanted to tell you how nice you smell. would you mind sharing that scent option with me. I am looking for a nice gift for xyz. there you go.
@KityCat (7103)
• India
27 Feb 20
I got no idea nor a good answer to that question, but why don't you check out different perfumes and find out?
• United States
27 Feb 20
"Hey, I really like the scent you are wearing and wanted to get it for my wife / girlfriend / love interest... could you tell me what you use?" Even if you don't have a love interest, framing the question that way won't make it sound as creepy.