When girls wear too much makeup?

@cyclopz (251)
Sydney, Australia
March 31, 2020 6:57pm CST
Just came across a video of this girl showing her daily routine which includes putting on her makeup before she leaves the house. Just wondered, how do girls deal with letting the guy they date see their naked face (without makeup)? In this girl's case, she looks really different without any makeup on. I haven't been with anyone before who wears a lot of makeup so i could not tell. But when girls wear makeup and look totally different from their natural look it might be a different case. Any thoughts on this from the ladies here? For guys, does anyone this this is a big deal?
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• Guangdong, China
1 Apr 20
well, I don't think it is a big deal. But I don't wear makeup on me cause I'm allergic to those cosmetics.
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@saytama (561)
• Friedrichshafen, Germany
13 Jan 22
I put on makeup when I 'm going to important events . Not too much , but I think that you can use makeup to emphasize the beauty , I don't understand the mask of makeup on the face , but everyone chooses how to look