Did you cry?

@prenuer (277)
United States
November 29, 2006 2:59pm CST
When you watched this movie, did it bring tears to your eyes. I cried like a baby when she died and he went on to make a success of his life. Did you?
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@Poison_Girl (4162)
• United States
29 Nov 06
Well, how about you mention what movie you're talking about instead of making others have to guess by looking at the interest listed. Oh yeah, and thanks for spoiling the movie for the people who haven't seen it.
@prenuer (277)
• United States
1 Dec 06
Sorry about that. This was one of my very first post. Have a blessed day.
@nidahali (446)
• Pakistan
9 Dec 06
I tried not to but my tears came rolling down my cheeks. Its such a beautiful movie that even if you don't cry for movies, you can't help yourself with this one.
@Monkeymia (206)
• Australia
29 Nov 06
When I first watched it, I cried whe he said "Im sorry jamie didn't get her miracle" and Jamie's dad said yes she did it was you. Now I start to cry when he askes her to marry him, I know whats coming and Im hopeless when it comes to emotions.
@Jetdanet (1027)
• Portugal
29 Nov 06
yep. last time it was with the movie "Roger Rabbit".
@honestabe (396)
• United States
29 Nov 06
No I didn't cry.
@jay80son (2048)
• Italy
29 Nov 06
no! i don't ever cried about film