do u prefer desktop, laptop or palmtop

November 29, 2006 3:21pm CST
do u prefer desktop, laptop or palmtop i like laptop
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• India
3 Jun 08
I prefer Laptop over Desktop, because it is very handy. We can work on it in laying position.
• India
22 Jun 07
when i am on tour, i prefer palmtop as it is very handy and has all the features of a pc. while in office i prefer desktop as it is faster in operation that the other ones viz. palmtop and laptop.
@311982 (679)
• India
30 Nov 06
i pefer laptopn ratherthan desktop... what abt u??
@kittykatzz (1132)
• United States
29 Nov 06
desktop.. i have a laptop.. but its temperamental.. .. am i out of it?? i dont even know what a "palm top" is! ahhahahahah
@italofbi (484)
• Brazil
29 Nov 06
i prefer desktop xD
@dmzamora (112)
• Philippines
30 Nov 06
I used to have a desktop at home... now i don't simply because i moved out of my parent's house. I use a laptop in the office, and I have a pocket pc phone! It really depends on your needs. Like if I am really on the go, the pocket pc does its job well.. laptop has its limitations for me... If not for the portability i really like to have a power-desktop (if you know what i mean!)
@ducktales (273)
• India
29 Nov 06