Win money easy with a French program----the key to enter is free with me!!!

French Polynesia
November 29, 2006 4:04pm CST
because of the program winning i can pay u the key to enter without paying the 5$ A software to make money on the Internet ? Yes, that’s possible! This software is very serious, and you will realize of that because it is pure logic. There is nothing illegal, nothing miraculous, just logic. The principle is not new, it has already been successful in the past, but some people tried to cheat and this led to its reputation. The purpose of this software is to prevent any kind of cheat. Ok, let me present how it works, and you will understand (provided you read carefully)! The only expense you need to do is $5 (no, don't go, read next part). You will understand in a while that those $5 are not lost. The reason? As simple as "Hello": The recipient of your payment is somebody who also made a payment to somebody else, as you. By making your payment, your are demonstrating that person got back his investment. And since your are doing the same, you can also expect to get back your investment. But you can also get more… Much more! You will understand why… First thing to do is to create a PayPal account (it’s free), if you don’t have one already. Go to the web site: This is the account onto which you will receive your money. Create a "PREMIER" account or "BUSINESS", BUT NOT "PERSONAL" (otherwise you will not be able to receive money). You will need to provide an e-mail address. It is IMPORTANT that you give a valid address because it will be used as the identification of your PayPal account for the money transferts you will receive. Go ahead, create your account and read next. When you select “Display the list” in Money Attractor’s menu, the software displays a list of 4 e-mail addresses which are actually PayPal identifiers of people participating to Money Attractor. The purpose is to make you enter into this list. To do that, you must send $5 with your PayPal account to the first address of the list. When making your payment on the PayPal’s web site, select “SERVICE” in the field “CATEGORY”. Once the recipient has received your payment, he sends you a numerical key that allows you to enter in the list. Go to “Enter your key” in the menu of Money Attractor and type your key. The software then asks your PayPal identifier. After that, the software will make a COPY of itself, but with a new list that contains your address in fourth position. You will be requested to give a target name for the copy. The software will also generate a NEW key. Write down this key CAREFULLY. At this time, the first address of the list has been deleted. The second one is now in first position, the third one has taken the place of the second one, and finally the fourth one is shifted to the third position. The fourth position has become free and the software has stored your address in it. You can check that by running the new copy of the software, and going to the menu “Display the list”. Check that your address is in the fourth position. Now it is YOUR TURN to play the same role as the person to whom you made you payment. You will RECEIVE money from others. For that purpose, you will send the new copy of the software (without your key) to as many people as possible. Each one will do the same as you did, and your address will step up with each iteration. You will receive money when your address will reach the first position. YOU MUST SEND your new key to those who send you money, otherwise the chain will be broken, this will make you’re a bad advertisement, and you will receive less. NOTE: Money Attractor is secured against cheating. Your new key will work only with people who receive the software with your address in first position. Here is in more details what is going on: When you receive this program, it contains 4 e-mail addresses: - ADDRESS1 - ADDRESS2 - ADDRESS3 - ADDRESS4 You make a payment of $5 to ADDRESS1. When you enter your key, all addresses are shifted upwards. The first address is deleted. The second one becomes the first one, the third one becomes the second one, and finally the fourth address becomes the third one. The fourth position becomes free, and this is where the program will store your address: - ADDRESS2 - ADDRESS3 - ADDRESS4 - YOURADDRESS When you send the new copy of the software to people, they send $5 to ADDRESS2... and so on. When your address reaches the first position, you receive money. AND YOU RECEIVE A LOT! Indeed, suppose that you send the software to 40 persons. And suppose that only 10 of them accept the deal. This means that 10 people will have the software with your e-mail address in 4th position. Each one will send the software to 40 persons, so 400 persons will have the software with your e-mail in the 3rd position. May be 100 persons will accept the deal, and each one will send the software to 40 persons. At this time, 4000 persons will have the software with your address in 2nd position. Let's say that 1000 accept the deal and each of them will send the software to 40 persons. So there will be 40000 persons with your e-mail address in the 1st position. If 10000 of them accept the deal: you get... $50000!!! This is very simple, and it works! IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST send your new key to those who send you money, in order to propagate the program. The more propagation, the more money you make! Now you understand that there is no cheat: There is no need! On the contrary, the only way for everyone to make money is to follow the rules, and this is ensured thanks to the keys. So let's go! Let's make money!
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@nuel_h (1592)
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30 Nov 06
fist, i would to welcome you for joining, mylot, i hope you'll have good time here, now, concerning your post : is this for real? i mean why this could be new thing?