I want to be... Just me. A poem wrote by me years ago for children

United Kingdom
May 7, 2020 1:37pm CST
Why should I be, anyone else Just because people say? Why should I change to a person I'm not? I'm still me at the end of the day Grown-ups will ask me, what do I want to be when I grow up like them. What job will I do? Will I be a Dad? They forget I am only ten! I don't want to change. I like who I am So why do they ask all the time? Maybe one day it will happen, But right now I am doing just fine. My life is fun, my friends are great, I have a family that loves me they say, So why should I be any different? The real me won't just go away. I want to be me forever, I've been like it since I was born, I can't walk but it's not a problem, I am happy, not sad and forlorn. I know one day I will grow up, And my chair will grow up with me too, When I do, I want to be me though, I'm not someone else, or you. Doctors say I might learn to walk one day, But I love scooting around in my chair, Why do they look to the future? I don't worry if people stare. I'm happy and that's all that matters, I'm alive so why can't they see? I don't want to change, for anyone, I just want to continue as me. I hope you enjoyed this poem for kids. I wrote it about 20 years ago, and it was one of quite a few I wrote for children. Be happy, stay safe and love to all. xx
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@sarik1 (6797)
8 May 20
Very nice .
• United States
7 May 20
That's very touching
@m_audrey6788 (58482)
• Germany
7 May 20
It`s very nice