Are you a racist ??

@SunnyDays (1071)
September 12, 2006 1:40pm CST
Normally I don't care about colors, race etc .... And for the first time in my life I experience racism in the country I live currently because I am white ...and I start to become one myself ..Scary thought
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22 Sep 06
In honestly, and I will be honest. To some degree ‘mentally’ I am yes. I’ll thinks things occasionally that are based on colour of the skin, it’s a completely illogical approach which is probably more physiologically in terms of what I’ve heard as a child. However, what I also leant as a child is that you shouldn’t discriminate based on looks or colour and so I don’t. I may have these certain thoughts, but I won’t ever act on them. I wouldn’t deprive a person, a person of any colour or look of something that was rightfully theirs or insult them verbally based on their appearance.
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• India
25 Sep 06
i am not a racist .
@Draxx76 (27)
• Namibia
25 Sep 06
YES.... Heres one for you: Whats the difference between a racist and a tourist??? ANSWER: 2 WEEKS IN THE COUNTRY (Africa)
• United States
21 Sep 06
no iam not racist
21 Sep 06
no not at all i mean we are all equal i treat all the same i like them equally and i hate them equally
• South Africa
21 Sep 06
no. I hate everyone equally.
@Schubler (1530)
• Romania
21 Sep 06
No... and I`m also against this kind of behaviour and thinking!!!
@chalmette69 (3010)
• United States
21 Sep 06
Where do you live, I am definatly not racist and think it is terrible for people to treat people a certain ways because of race.