COVID-19 where you are

United States
May 19, 2020 5:50am CST
I live in Austin, Texas. My state and my city are beginning to open up but with some restrictions. Myself, I am taking a wait and see attitude. I am 75 and have diabetes, thus, I am at high risk. I am retired and do not really have to be anywhere. I am going to continue to social distance and stay home, if I can, for another month or so waiting to see what happens to those who are among the first to venture back out. I do not think The Virus is through with us and I think there may be some surges with the new activity. What is going on in your community and or your part of the world as it pertains to COVID-19. Are you isolating and or locking down?
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• Agra, India
19 May 20 also people above 65 are advised not to step out of the house.
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@JohnRoberts (109969)
• Los Angeles, California
19 May 20
I have no fear of the virus but everyone is different. You have taken responsibility for your situation but the young and healthy should not be forced to suffer.
@msdivkar (23385)
• India
19 May 20
Country wise we are in very bad shape as far as covid 19 pandemic is concerned but the state I stay in has minimal affection and we are already partly opened.
@cherriefic (10326)
• Philippines
19 May 20
Were still on lockdown though some businesses are open.
@bbghitte (3301)
• Philippines
19 May 20
We are still isolating ourselves at home. We are so worried that there might be a 2nd wave since most of the establishments re-opened this Monday.
@Lavanya15 (12900)
• Chennai, India
19 May 20
Hear we have lock down going.. You take good decision.. It is not go out in this age.. Take rest in your home alone..
@m_audrey6788 (58910)
• Germany
19 May 20
Here, we can still go out but we must follow social distancing and wear mask when riding public transportations
@Starkinds (32674)
• India
19 May 20
It's lockdown here