Midnight thoughts

@Nable0 (25)
May 24, 2020 7:13am CST
Did everybody experience this. While you have headphones on then suddenly you will hear someone shouting your name upstairs but you will suddenly remember you are alone.
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@owlwings (43971)
• Cambridge, England
24 May 20
No. Experiences like this, if they are frequent, mean that you should see a doctor. Hearing voices which are not real is something which can be treated by a psychiatrist. It is not something which everybody experiences!
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@MALUSE (69331)
• Germany
24 May 20
A good piece of advice! You should follow it as soon as possible!
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@Janet357 (75775)
24 May 20
I think you always have your earphone on, owl.is right.
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@reehamk (433)
• Qatar
25 May 20
When you have your earphones with you I don't think you'll hear if someone's shouting your name.
• Bosnia And Herzegovina
26 May 20
happens sometimes, but i guess that's not a bad thing according to this.
@JimBo452020 (43122)
• United Kingdom
25 May 20
This is something which I can honestly say has never happened to me. All in the imagination, I think.
• Nigeria
25 May 20
It thous hAPPen to me a times,felling as if there is a hullabaloo,after taking off my earphone,I ll here no noise,its happning to everyone using earphone I believe
@Fa_Maverick (9450)
• Australia
24 May 20
It's a trick of your brain... It is trying to be alert for other noises while still listening to music or a video you are watching.