@Nable0 (25)
May 24, 2020 8:23pm CST
How can I start this, we'll my sleep is not nice because I always wake up between 2 am to 3 am. It's annoying like my ear is hurting so much and my cat's butt is in my face. When I try to sleep again for an hour I suddenly wake up because of my brothers argument each other again. Well anyway how was your day I hope it was fine like not mine though. Good morning
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@JimBo452020 (43122)
• United Kingdom
25 May 20
That last bit is quite poetic.
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• Bosnia And Herzegovina
26 May 20
good morning! i got similar situation, but i go to bed around 1-2am and my family wakes up early and they want me to be a part of morning coffee and other things, so yeah. i don't get much sleep either.
@reehamk (433)
• Qatar
25 May 20
Have a glass of milk before going bed, that may help I think.