Have you ever had a bad friend?

@Young_boy (1075)
Bekasi, Indonesia
July 10, 2020 6:42pm CST
this was about 8 years ago when I was in 12th grade in high school. I had a friend, even I had considered her as one of my best friends. therefore every time she asks for help I always help her in school. there is a math assignment which she did not understand I help explain. sometimes we also play together. then when that time came, the announcement that was accepted at a university and I failed for the first time. when I took my diploma at school I met her again, let alone greet her just stay away. as if she said you were not important to me now, i didnt need your help anymore. since then I decided not to be friends with her anymore. and in the end I also passed the university entrance selection I wanted, as many as 500 participants required 30 available seats.
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@nawala123 (21117)
• Indonesia
11 Jul
I ever had bad friend at school and they did bullying
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@mods196621 (3656)
• Philippines
11 Jul
Yes, before i had a friend with bad mood always. She is not bad at all but she is happy bullying others included me. I think she is naugthy. Sometimes she's sweet and generous only bad in her attitude is being bully.
@Fa_Maverick (6681)
• Australia
11 Jul
I have had bad friends before.. One would call me a name that rhymes with door for having many male friends. It wasn't funny and I told her to stop but she wouldn't. She said she would say it jokingly to all of her female friends... Maybe they didnt mind but I did. She also would never study so she was bad for my studies I learnt that early and didn't hangout with her much.
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• Bosnia And Herzegovina
11 Jul
i had similar situation when we were in elementary school, i used to help to this one guy and his grades improved so much and the teachers told him that he should be thankful to me, but when we were about to finish grade, he started to be mean to me and even said bad things about my dad and that's when i started to avoid him. later, we talked about it and i forgive him, but what happens next - he likes me, but i don't like him. and then he starts spreading lies about me. i don't care about it, it's funny to me
@rhuenz (10726)
11 Jul
Yes, i had
@psanasangma (5159)
• India
11 Jul
In every period of life span, I think we are mend to cross bad one but I think we should consider as a part of lesson in life as you understand how the person is and was.. Its' better to be thankful for them as without such kind of friend, we would have been able to wiser and clever in making decision and becoming strong person and sharpen your personality