Girls dont like the man who is friendly to other girls - is this true?

July 24, 2020 8:21am CST
Hi, hope you all doing good. I used to have a shop, and as a shopkeeper, i dealt with everyone pretty good. Most of my customers are girls, and some of them are good friends to me now. And also apart from the business, i went to college i have so many girls as friend and i am friendly to them. I do have gf and she knows about me, its not like i am having affair with other girl, i never did anything like that, but I am friendly with everyone, not just girls , but everyone. Yesterday i was scrolling through facebook and this quote showed up on my feed. So I am just curious, am I going to be in trouble? My gf dont really feel insecure but is it true? I dont mean to hurt anyone, this posts are stupid I know. Can I be in trouble in future for my behavior? And also it caught my attention because i do talk with most of my friends and also respond to their online activities. I am just confused for some reason.
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@sophie09 (34495)
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24 Jul 20
Not all of the girls
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26 Jul 20
Do your best if you think it's the best for you.
24 Jul 20
You have just said it. It's stupid. Then why are you asking? And who are these girls who don't understand friendships and friendly behavior?