If you are in love, does it mean you can not find others attractive?

August 6, 2020 8:03am CST
People say a lot of things when they are in love. I am in love for a long time. Yes the girl I love truly beautiful and she is everything to me. I am going to pass my life happily with her. But I do see other girls on road and everywhere you go, some of them looks so cool, attractive. So is it weird? Now if your girl or boy find a celebrity attractive it doesn't count right? Cause he or she is a celebrity. But I see a lot of girls and yeah some looks really beautiful. Today I went to a shop and saw a beautiful girl. She was also looking at me sometime ha ha. But now I am thinking like am I being dishonest or something because I started finding others beautiful? I love my girlfriend. When I see her coming to me, everything else just disappear that time, it happens to me always. I am just confused.
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@Janet357 (76066)
6 Aug 20
what.you feel.is normal. Just because one is atttactive does not mean you will.court her even if you have a girlfriend already
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• India
6 Aug 20
Exactly. I am ofcourse not going to court her. But I saw my friends girlfriend replied to him angrily, like - why you need me then? Go and marry Scarlett. You boys are all same, no one can makes you happy n blah blah. So I was just in a doubt.
@sophie09 (34495)
• Indonesia
6 Aug 20
You like to discuss about love?
@ShyBear88 (56206)
• Sterling, Virginia
6 Aug 20
Being love doesn’t mean you can’t find others attractive and yes celebrities do count even though the likelyhood is anything happening is like zero you can still find someone attecative. It doesn’t means you don’t love the person you are white it means your human and humans are not designed to want to be with just one person for ever.